The Fragrance Collection Stories

Read the full stories behind the three fragrances in the collection, each tracing formative moments in Victoria's personal history and evoking the olfactory memories of her journey.

Portofino `97

Portofino `97 captures the thrill of new romance.

In 1997, Victoria Adams and David Beckham remain each other’s best-kept secret. Shrouding their liaison from the public eye, their first dates are veiled in disguises and obscure locations. Consigned to rendezvous in lowkey places, with every restraint the scenario entails, the pop star and the footballer perfect the art of the covert mission. Until a new chapter beckons.

With only their closest aides to consult, they are whisked away on a secret tryst. Destination: Portofino; the gem-coloured fishing village of the Italian Riviera, a location unfamiliar to the future couple, still in their early twenties with a world to explore. With the Ligurian Sea as its backdrop, an epic romance ignites.

Portofino `97 encapsulates Victoria Beckham’s memories of early infatuation: The seductive scents carried through the room by the sea breeze from the open balcony door; the candles and fresh flower decorations embellished around the suite; and the elating and youth-driven feeling of escaping to ravishing surroundings with the person you most desire.

San Ysidro Drive

San Ysidro Drive embodies the essence of renewal.

In 2007, following a fast-paced decade spent in the capitals of Europe, Victoria Beckham arrives in Los Angeles to prepare for her family’s relocation to the Pacific coast. The move signifies a new beginning: A rediscovery of her own independence, dreams, and identity, and a re-evaluation of her approach to life, work, and her own determination.

The serenity of the Californian lifestyle is cathartic: A love affair founded in the wellness of meditative hikes in the canyons, surfing, and healing studies of crystals. Within the peaceful rhythm of life invigorated by a revitalising energy and the frames of the family’s new home on San Ysidro Drive, she conceives the brand that will become Victoria Beckham.

San Ysidro Drive brings to life Victoria’s memories of a restorative and transformative phase in life: The floral-laced air wafting through the open car window on the Pacific Coast Highway; the scent of the surf on a windswept morning; and the comforting scents of burning candles drifting through the rooms of a home that feels like home.

Suite 302

Suite 302 traces the glamour and romance of Victoria and David Beckham's anniversary trips to Paris.

In 2004, David invites his wife to board a jet in Madrid, its destination shrouded in mystery. When the couple land in London, a stately car drives them to their country house where Victoria’s husband leads her to its chapel for a surprise renewal of their wedding vows before he sweeps her away on a second honeymoon in the French capital.

Amid seas of paparazzi flashes, the couple finds sanctuary in a storied hotel room veiled in tales of romance: Suite 302. With its cavernous salons draped cinematically in sumptuous silk tapestries, opulent red velvets, and decadent crocade baldachins, it will embody their anniversary trips to the city of lights: Drives down boulevards in black cars, undercover day trips to Versailles, incognito midnight strolls through the streets of Paris.

Suite 302 epitomises Victoria’s memories of pure glamour: The lavish and lascivious scent of fine wines, cosmetics, and freshly unboxed leather goods mixing with the slick smoke emitting from a hotel candle; the hint of your partner’s cologne on the percale pillow next to yours; and the exuberance felt in a fleeting but fabulous moment in time.

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