A New Fragrance Collection

Introducing Portofino '97, Suite 302 and San Ysidro Drive

Meet the Fragrances


Through the perfume of memory, Victoria Beckham distills the notes of eras and atmospheres into fragrances founded in personal yet universal associations. Drawing on stages of her life and its parallels to a pop culture shared by all, each scent captures her own recollections of distinct time, places and experiences, and mirrors them in our collective and individual reminiscence.


Portofino '97 evokes the captivating fragrance of a new romance and memories of early infatuation with notes of calabrian bergamot, amber, and vetiver.


Suite 302 conjures the lavish spirit of weekends in love's favourite city and memories of pure glamour with notes of black cherry, midnight violet, and tobacco leaf.


San Ysidro Drive embodies the healing essence of mindfulness and celebrates transformation with notes of passion fruit, rose, and black amber.

"I would say these three fragrances are my version of my autobiography, I’ve been a lover of fragrance for such a long time so, to use this creative space to tell my story of a very true love story between me and my husband, our travels and my self acceptance journey." xVB


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