Excluded Ingredients

Victoria Beckham Beauty vows to push the limits of cosmetic chemistry to provide the best results possible, using only the safest materials available. Any ingredient that is deemed harmful or has questionable or inconclusive safety data will be avoided. This list is constantly monitored and updated based on new ingredient technologies and breakthroughs.

In addition to the over 1300 ingredients currently banned from being used in cosmetics in the European Union, Victoria Beckham Beauty has developed an extensive list of an additional 30+ materials we do not formulate with.

Victoria Beckham Beauty products are always cruelty free.

Aluminum Salts



Coal Tar

Cyclic Silicones





Formaldehyde Donors

Grain Proteins



Mineral Oil

Nano TiO2

Nano ZnO2



Paraffin Wax





Plastic Microbeads

Retinyl Palmitate


Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic Flavors




Ingredient Watchlist:

In addition to the Excluded Ingredient List, here are other ingredients we actively monitor to ensure we are formulating with in a responsible and safe manner.


Alcohols are a diverse class of chemicals with different names and a variety of effects on the skin. When Alcohol appears by itself on a label, it refers to ethyl alcohol (denatured alcohol), which many consumers avoid because they feel that it dries out the skin. Victoria Beckham Beauty does not use denatured alcohol.


The FDA does not require food or fragrance allergens to be listed on cosmetic packaging, and many people are unaware of the potential allergenic materials hidden within products.  The European Union has regulated that only fragrance allergens must be listed on cosmetics and perfume. We understand the rising concern with skin sensitization and allergic reactions and want to be fully transparent with our consumers.  Therefore, we have carefully formulated our products to be as free from the above food allergens as possible. Please see specific product pages for allergen information.

Animal derived ingredients:

Victoria Beckham Beauty is cruelty free and never tests on animals. The majority of our products are vegan, and every vegan product is called out on the product page. We limit our use of animal-derived ingredients as much as possible.Carmine is of animal origin and is the only bright red pigment allowed by the FDA for use in the eye area. It exhibits an undeniably brilliant red hue that is difficult to achieve by substituting other colorants. Where possible, we avoid using Carmine.  If you are vegan or wish to avoid using products with Carmine, please review the product ingredient list.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs):

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are plants and organisms that are derived from biotechnology techniques. These methods were originally developed to assist farmers in the production of food crops, and the ability to target and alter specific traits of the organism resulting in consumer health benefits.  When possible, we avoid using GMOs.


Victoria Beckham Beauty is aware of the troubling reality of unethical working conditions, including child labour and overexposure to dust in mica mines. We have zero tolerance towards these standards, so we have partnered with manufacturers who are members of the Responsible Mica Initiative to ensure we are only using ethically sourced Mica in our products. This initiative employs a comprehensive approach across industries and is working towards addressing the economic and social roots behind this issue to drive a long-lasting change.

Palm Oil

Palm cultivation has been associated with deforestation, destruction to ecosystems, greenhouse gas emissions, loss of biodiversity and social conflicts in producing countries. Victoria Beckham Beauty is committed to only sourcing palm derived materials that are certified through strict verification of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) principles and criteria for sustainable palm oil production. If grown sustainably, palm oil can benefit local communities with fair working conditions while also helping protect our invaluable species and forests.

Silicones (Linear):

Unlike harmful cyclic silicones, which are on the Victoria Beckham Beauty Excluded Ingredient List, Linear Silicones have a great safety profile, are vegan and GMO-free. They are derived from naturally occurring silicone dioxide. Their large molecular structure creates a barrier matrix on the skin that’s both breathable and protective. They have inert, non-reactive properties that make them compatible with other materials, including naturals, while providing exceptional sensorial attributes in formulations.


Talc is a naturally occurring mineral mined from the earth and commonly used in color cosmetics to enhance a product’s feel, luster or sheen.  We only source talc from responsible manufacturers who certify that their talc is free from asbestos fibers.