The V- Standard

At Victoria Beckham Beauty, we are committed to creating a better, brighter future for our planet. Everything we do brings together clean ingredients, responsible sourcing, and sustainably-minded design; our goal from inception has been to create true luxury performance in clean beauty. The V-Standard is our pledge to our earth—and you. And we believe change starts now. Here’s what that means:

Our Clean + Lean Ingredients

What’s IN

Our strict clean + lean approach produces high performing, skin-loving products using only safe, ethically and environmentally responsible ingredients that are essential to our bespoke formulas—no added fillers or outdated materials. Our Ingredient Glossary , the output of a very extensive ongoing ingredient assessment, gives you full transparency into what we put in our products. 

What’s OUT

At Victoria Beckham Beauty, ‘clean’ goes far beyond the basic standard of formulating without materials that are already banned globally. Our Excluded Ingredients List is constantly reviewed and updated by our internal R&D experts to reflect emerging safety data and concerns surrounding potential toxicity, allergies, and sensitivities.

Our Sustainably-Minded Packaging

Minimal Plastic

Did you know: 18 BILLION pounds of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year! So, naturally, when developing our packaging, our greatest focus is on minimizing plastic. To start, our Smoky Eye Brick compact is made of solid brass—zero plastic! Our Power Serum was designed to be disassembled for recycling (simply remove the nozzle and base from the glass bottle and recycle).

Post-Consumer Boxes

Our 100% FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) recycled paper cartons ensure responsible sourcing, meaning your favourite parks remain untouched! All of our cartons and shipping boxes are made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Our Recycling Program

Victoria Beckham Beauty is a proud member of Pact Collective, a nonprofit membership organization that collects hard-to-recycle beauty products and diverts them from landfills to find the highest and best use for all materials.

At VBB, we are already committed to sourcing materials and ingredients that are kinder to the planet. But, our thoughtful packaging is just one factor; we are committed to finding use for it when you’re done.