Good. Better. Best. Beckham.
That's the Victoria Standard.

Although Victoria Beckham had experienced the world's best beauty products (often in the hands of the world's best stylists, under the direction of the world's best photographers) she still found herself looking around - and into her makeup bag - and thinking 'This could be better'. Because, despite the array of quality, style, craft and heritage on offer, everything that excelled in one area seemed to sacrifice in another. And so Victoria Beckham Beauty was created to make the products that would finally meet these uncompromising standards: Proven performance and an elevated experience delivered with intentional integrity, transparency and inclusivity. A keenly curated range that only includes items that genuinely add to the best already out there; Shades selected for classical looks and contemporary styles; The feeling of luxury from first sight to last swipe, sweep or dab; The enduring quality required by demanding lifestyles; Fashion-led, female founded, cruelty-free, conscious and clean. Pure excellence in every way, at all times. Ambitious? Absolutely. Unreasonable? Not one bit.

Victoria Beckham, Co-founder and Creative Director

Victoria Beckham is a British fashion and beauty entrepreneur. As a lifelong beauty enthusiast who found herself in the public eye, she learned the professional beauty landscape in detail in the chair of some of the world's best makeup artists. Indeed, such was the knowledge and expertise she absorbed from their work that she is often known to do her own makeup for on-screen and live appearances - a rarity in the business and testament to her passion for the subject. Following the success of the Victoria Beckham womenswear label, she created two best-selling capsule collections with Estée Lauder before launching Victoria Beckham Beauty in 2019.