Our Recycling Program

At VBB, we are already committed to sourcing materials and ingredients that are kinder to the planet. But, our thoughtful packaging is just one factor; we are committed to finding use for it when you’re done.

The Problem with Recycling Beauty

Did you know that 120 billion beauty packages are created each year—and only 21% get recycled? 

That’s because most beauty packaging is too small and/or flexible, and it’s made of mixed materials, making it unable to be caught by Material Recovery Facilities. 

This needs to change. And we’re here to drive that change.

The Solution with VBB x Pact

Victoria Beckham Beauty is a proud member of Pact Collective, a nonprofit membership organization that collects hard-to-recycle beauty products and diverts them from landfills to find the highest and best use for all materials.

Through this partnership, VBB’s US- and Canada-based customers can mail their empty beauty products to Pact (or drop them off at your nearest retail location)—up to 10 beauty product empties at a time, not limited to VBB products—to have them recycled. Pact Collective will break them down responsibly.

How to Mail Back Your Empties:

Step 1: Save your empty, hard-to-recycle beauty packages (see recycling guidelines here). 

Step 2: Once you have collected 5-10 empties, create a mailing label here

Step 3: Drop your empties in any box/envelope and mail them back.