Contour Stylus


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Contour Stylus

A refined contour bullet to sculpt and subtly enhance the nose and facial structure with total control.

-Slim crayon allows for sculpting of features with precision and ease 
-Glides on smoothly with an ultra creamy formula
-Designed to be worn on bare skin or layered—for contour experts and novices alike - -Lasts all day without smudging or fading
-Clean ingredients with uncompromising performance - 4 flexible shades that flatter all skin and undertones
-Neutral tones for a natural IRL finish

NEW! Marble is for light to medium skin tones

Luxury Performance, Clean Beauty

Non-Comedogenic, Vegan, Dermatologist tested, Safe for Sensitive Skin, Hypoallergenic, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Nut-free 

Made in Italy

1.1 G / POIDS NET WT. 0.04 OZ.

“Our Contour Stylus is exactly what I have been searching for—a to-the-point, precise stick that puts you in control of sculpting and defining your features. It’s easy to apply, blends effortlessly, and amazing for touch-ups throughout the day. With its slim profile, it goes with me everywhere. I think of it as my pocket contour.”

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The Nose

Sculpt the nose by drawing lines on either side of the bridge and nostrils, then blending outwards with your finger.

The Cheekbones

Enhance cheekbones by drawing a few strokes in the hollows, then blend down and out towards the hairline. Repeat for a more dramatic effect. Add Cheeky Posh to the apples for a healthy flush. 

The Jawline

Sharpen the jawline by drawing a line from chin to ear, following your jawbone. Diffuse the colour down towards your neck with fingers or a brush. 

The Forehead

Minimize the forehead by shading at the temples and up the side of the hairline. Blend colour into the hairline with your fingers or a fluffy brush. 

The Lips

Enhance your pout by subtly outlining the center top and bottom of lips just outside the lip line and blend out with your finger. 

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