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Light Blonde

The creamy colour payoff, glide and longwear performance of a pomade with the precision and control of a microblade.

- Delivers Victoria’s tailored brow with a single tool
- Define and fill in brows with a natural hair-like finish
- Glides on smoothly with an ultra creamy formula (reminiscent of Satin Kajal Liner)
- Combs through to coat brow hairs
- Lasts all day without smudging or fading
- Clean ingredients with uncompromising performance

Light Blonde is for very light blonde to light blonde hair

Luxury Performance, Clean Beauty

Long-wearing, Smudge-proof, Vegan

"Babyblade is the multitasking brow product I have been searching for—and could not find anywhere. It has the perfect amount of pigment payoff and long-lasting wear, but in a format that allows you to get the most exact application. I wanted something that could draw the finest individual hairs to fill in your eyebrows. The finished look is so natural, which was exactly my goal."

-x VB

Step 1:

Starting on a naked brow, use spoolie to comb through brow hairs in upward motion from corner to corner.

Step 2:

From the head of the brow moving towards the tail, draw thin, hair-like strokes in an upward and outward motion.

Step 3:

Create VB’s signature bushy brow—straight shape, feathered hairs, lifted look. When penciling, focus on the actual hairs, rather than the shape of the brow.

Pro tip: use a lighthand to apply this ultra creamy formula for the ideal payoff.

Step 4:

Use spoolie again to finish the look, combing through brow hairs in the same direction to further distribute colour as desired.

Step 5:

For a considered, groomed eye, finish the look with Instant Brightening Waterline Pencil and Future Lash Mascara

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